As a miner do not stop participating in the reduction of Bitcoin halving 2020

Bitcoin and any currency that is part of the cryptocurrency community are independent of any economic or government model. These are only modified through supply and demand; they generally remain stable in the market. They are currently the object of study and attractive to different niches around the world, referring to themselves as the payment method of the future.

To be like this, everyone must understand how it works, know exactly how to use it, buy, sell, or make exchanges, and only then will it flow continuously. However, this community continues to grow, and there are many enthusiasts for this model of digital currency over the traditional one.
Bitcoin represents the most popular and important currency in this group, with the largest capitalization from day one. So, although there are many doubts, it is evident that at some point, the method works and allows you to generate real income. Otherwise, no more than 36 million cryptocurrencies would be in circulation worldwide.
Now, the bitcoin halving arises from here linked to the Bitcoin mining process. By mining Bitcoin blocks, despite being a complicated issue, miners do it quickly, each block in 10 minutes. This generates significant monetary rewards of 12.5 bitcoin today, following the rules of the company and its founder.
Bitcoin halving has specific planning, are taken very seriously, and are given every four years. This year one corresponds and is scheduled for approximately May 7. But what are they for?
The Bitcoin halving 2020 is to purify the market of the thousands of BTC created per minute. This is essence is the main objective, considering the large amount created every 10 minutes, reducing its value.
Less is more, so it is important to keep a select group of Bitcoin in the market, to keep it on top. The Bitcoin halves, and their rewards depend on how the value of BTC moves in the market. We are talking about rewards to the mining community and what they will get for each block extraction.