How to Properly Clean a Makeup Sponge

If your makeup sponge is starting to look dingy or cakey, you might want to consider a more gentle method. Instead of washing your sponge every time you apply makeup, use a mild soap and warm water to clean it. Massage the sponge to remove any stains, then roll it onto a clean towel and lay it flat to dry. Makeup sponges should be replaced every two to three months, depending on usage. Read on to learn how to keep them in good shape.

One of the most common types of makeup sponges is the triangle shape. These sponges have pointed tips for precise blending, while their curved edges help you stipple evenly. While this sponge is the cheapest option, it can add up when you purchase them multiple times. Compared to other makeup sponges, the triangle is not as flexible as other shapes. While its shape is useful, it can cause uneven product distribution, so it is not recommended for use as a foundation sponge.

Using a makeup sponge for contouring will help you make your cheekbones look chiseled. You can use a cream or a stick contour product on a makeup sponge or directly apply it to your skin and blend it out with a makeup sponge. For precise contouring, you can use a miniature sponge. This makeup sponge can fit into small crevices and corners. It is an ideal choice for contouring and highlighting.

Another type of makeup sponge is the flat one. These sponges are also known as face sponges, and they come in different shapes and sizes. They provide a smoother foundation application than triangle-shaped sponges. If you are using a liquid foundation, you can use this sponge to blend it out and customize your look.

If you want to apply highlights, contour or even blush, then you can use a makeup sponge for that purpose. A makeup sponge is an ideal choice if you want to apply shimmery products, because it picks up the product better than your fingers or any other tools.